Investing in education is the single best way to ensure the brightest future for our children and our state. It is time we make public education a priority again.  

As soon as the next legislative session begins, we must act to restore full funding to Oklahoma public schools at every level – early childhood, pre-K-through-12, career and technology schools, and public colleges and universities.

We must help our schools recover from painful choices forced upon them by years of neglect – delayed building maintenance, postponed equipment purchases, continued use of disintegrating textbooks, increased class sizes, cuts to staff, and shortened school weeks.

We must address a salary situation so dire that teachers are fleeing for higher pay in other states, enrollment in college education programs is plummeting, and emergency teacher certifications are at an all-time high.

It is time to face these hard facts and get back to doing what’s right for Oklahoma.

Over the past eight years, our governor and legislative leadership have repeatedly failed us. We can fix the problems they caused only when we vote them out, reverse their bad decisions, and once again put the people of Oklahoma first.

Oklahoma needs new leaders with the compassion to understand and the resolve to make Oklahoma better.

I am working alongside pro-education candidates for the legislature and office of governor on a coordinated effort to propose bipartisan legislation that will restore full funding to our schools through fair and equitable revenue measures. As part of that work, I am researching school funding and financing, and gaining insight into the failures that led to our current state of crisis. I am also seeking input from teachers and education experts, incumbents who support public education, and from the people of House District 34.

I invite you to contact me to share your concerns and insights.