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It Started in 2018

About Me

I have always loved the art of teaching. Seeing the glimmer in every one of my student’s eyes when they learn something is so gratifying. You know when you see that glimmer that you have done your job and done it well.

But, over the years of teaching, I realized our state government was not supporting me, my peers, or our students very well. So, in 2018, I walked out to demand a change in how our state funds educators and public education. What I saw when I went to the Capital surprised and bothered me. The experience showed me there needed to be a change, and I wanted to be that change. So, I ran to represent not only House District 34 but the educators and students of our great state.

Now beginning my third term representing the great people of District 34, I am excited to continue making a change for a better Oklahoma.

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