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It Started with the Teacher Walkout

In 2018, I was the music teacher at Westwood Elementary. I was also a mother and a concerned citizen. What I saw when I went to the Capitol surprised and bothered me enough to push me to run for office—to be the change I wished to see for my students, my children, and my community.

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I learned a lot that first term. Life and work at the State Capitol doesn’t always match reality in my district. I stayed rooted in my community and kept speaking up. Then came re-election during a global pandemic.

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Re-election during a Pandemic

With social distancing and staying home during a huge election year, 2020 was unpredictable. Friends and neighbors responded and sent me back to the Capitol to continue speaking up for education, women, and children. During my second term, I earned the support of my peers and was elected Democratic Caucus Chair.

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In 2022, I ran for re-election for my third term. Door to door campaigning returned but I had a redrawn district from the 2020 census. I met new neighbors and made new friends and they sent me back to the Capitol again.

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Serving the people of HD34/Stillwater has been one of my proudest endeavors. It has been filled with both joys and sorrow, accomplishments and challenges, but it is GOOD WORK because of the support of my community. Here’s to continuing this good work in 2024 for a fourth term. We can continue working for a better Oklahoma… together.

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